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Unbranding a message in lilo-installer (was: Re: D-I msgstr caught my eye)

(CC -boot)

Quoting Siim Põder (siim.poder_1398@eesti.ee):

(Siim is our Estonian translator)

> Hi
> I notice that a lot of strings in D-I have been made fuzzy and mostly 
> just have the word "Debian" removed from them (for ubuntu 
> compatiblity?): "your new Debian system" -> "your new system".

Yes, this is a process called "unbranding" which should minimize the
number of strings that derivative distributions have to unbrand when
merging with Debian. Of course, Ubuntu is certainly the most widely
known among derivatives (but one may think also about Debian-Edu).

> Anyways, this one string still has Debian in the latter part of it:
> "The LILO program needs to be installed to make your new system 
> bootable. By installing it onto your disk's Master Boot Record, LILO 
> will take complete control of the boot process, but if you want to use a 
> different boot manager, just install LILO on the new Debian partition 
> instead."
> Is this on purpose or a bug?

I would say this is a bug. In that case, I see no good reason to keep

I hereby propose removing "Debian" as the sentence perfectly stands
without it.

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