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Re: autopartkit vs. partman-auto

Steffen Joeris <Steffen.Joeris@skolelinux.de> writes:

> 22:13 < pere> adding resize_inode to ext3 file systems seem to require a 
> rewrite of partman-ext3, as it now uses libparted to create ext2, and then 
> tune2fs -j to convert it to ext3.  there is no safe way to add the 
> resize_inode option after the file system is created, so the parman module 
> will need to be rewritten to use mke2fs.
> 22:13 < pere> there is an unsafe way to add the resize_inode option, using 
> ext2prepare from the ext2resize package.

Unfortunatelly that's true. We started to work on ext3 support for
parted and then we won't have this problem anymore but I'm not sure
we'll be able to make it in time for etch.

'cause of that I offer my help to fix autopartkit for new parted
library and help someone to maintain it while we can't drop it.

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