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Bug#361872: debconf-copydb: Trashes debconf database in /target

(Keeping Steinar in To: in the hope he'll want to try this one as well ;-)

On Tuesday 20 June 2006 16:40, you wrote:
> One change is needed yet; the current code in debconf-copydb simply
> turns off i18n support (since the old code couldn't handle that
> properly, it seems, or perhaps it's even older). Just nuke the setenv()
> line from debconf-copydb.c and we should be okay.

Works much better with that removed. You were right though that the 
database is completely reorganized...
After some sed and sort magic, I could verify the contents.

The only remaining issue is that after the debconf-copydb all "Owners:" 
fields from the original templates.dat in target are lost.

Only three templates were added:
Name: debian-installer/country
Name: debian-installer/keymap
Name: debian-installer/language

The config.dat looks good too, with the three templates added and a value 
for passwd/username merged.

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