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Bug#361872: debconf-copydb: Trashes debconf database in /target

On Sunday 11 June 2006 20:04, Steinar H. Gunderson wrote:
> I'm unable to reproduce this with 0.102 in a normal (ie. non-d-i)
> environment:

I can still reproduce the problem during an installation though...

> configdb is here set up to be my normal debconf database (so I have
> some source data to test with), but I can't understand why this would
> work outside d-i but not from pkgsel... any ideas?

I have a few very wild ideas, but no idea how valid they are.

One idea is the encoding (installer is running with nl_NL.UTF8, although 
the pkgsel postinst sets and exports LANG=C).
Another is busybox.
A third is the way debconf-copydb is called within d-i; maybe broken 
handling if the target is target_configdb?

The full call is:
  debconf-copydb -p \
debian-installer/keymap|passwd/username)$" \
     configdb target_configdb

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