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Re: stagger forced fsck on reboot

On Monday 19 June 2006 10:10, Drew Parsons wrote:
> So the question comes down to "what set of defaults provides the nicest
> experience for less confident users?"  Will it be nicer for them if we
> provide an arrangement that can occasionally reduce their reboot time?

Inexperienced users will probably use a "all files in one partition" 
setup, which makes the issue irrelevant. This is what d-i advises during 
automatic partitioning.

Users selecting other schemes can IMHO be expected to be able to change 
these settings. Also, there is no urgency in changing these settings: it 
can be done at any time at will.

The minor advantages for me do not weigh up against the added code needed 
in the installer especially as there are no "good for all settings". Some 
may want more frequent checks, others less frequent.

Of course, that's only my opinion.
The basic rule in the installer is "unless there are strong reasons for 
something else, stick to the defaults". This is the principle of the 
least surprise.


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