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Bug#225357: marked as done (Some comments to improve tasksel's tasks)

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Package: tasksel
Version: 1.40
Priority: wishlist

I was wondering wether to submit this a bug or not or mail these thoughts 
privately to Joey, but since I think others might want to comment on 
them.... here it goes:

- web_server:
	* Should it mention Apache explicitly? (the RDBMs task does mention 
	* Shouldn't it build a full LAMP environment? i.e. php4, probably
	with some additional "common" modules like libphp-adodb, php4-ldap, 
	php4-odbc, php4-mysql, php4-pgsql... and with its documentation 
 	* Shouldn't it install apache-ssl instead of apache?

- file-server: 
	* The description should be more verbose, it should mention that 
	the file server is going to use the NetBIOS and NFS protocols.

- broadband:
	* Should use xDSL instead of DSL.
	* I don't really see there's much difference over the dialup task, 
	besides pppoe/dhcpd....
	* Should it include a P2P client? Edonkey client? (amule, 
	mldonkey...)  Gnutella? Or maybe bittorrent? 
	Maybe that is streching the definition a bit... 
	However rsync might be appropiate (to setup personal mirrors)
	and bittorrent is also frequently used over broadband connections
	for legitimate purposes (operating system distribution ISOs...)

- tex:
	* Should describe what TeX is something like:
	"This task provides necessary packages for composing 
	documents in TeX/LaTeX.
	TeX/LaTeX is a powerful document processing system 
	that allows markup to describe the structure of a document, so that the
	user need not think about presentation."

- desktop:	
	* GNOME is in testing, isn't it? Should it be re-added?

- office:
	* Should it include also gnome-office or koffice instead of _only_
	openoffice+gnumeric (to be consistent with the fact that the
	desktop environment includes GNOME+KDE). If so the description
	should be enhance to say "multiple word processor and spreadsheets"

- games:
	* Include freeciv?



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Closing this bug since everything in it has been addressed or is out of

The one exception is that the web server task still doesn't mention that
it installs apache. I think it's redundant to do so since apache is the
most used web server.

see shy jo

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