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Re: [MEETINGS] Cancel or reschedule meeting?

I'm not able to attend the meeting this weekend, so following Davide's
example, I'll also post a status report for integration of crypto and

o partman-crypto

  the version of partman-crypto which is in unstable/testing is ancient and
  lacks the proper dependencies. A new version (5) has been in the
  ftp-master NEW queue for a bit more than a week. New uploads of
  partman-crypto are on hold until it has been processed. This is currently
  the biggest blocker for working (dm-crypt) crypto support in partman.

o partman-crypto device-mapper support

  the device-mapper support of partman-crypto is now at the point where it
  is possible to do a root-on-crypto and root-on-lvm-on-crypto installation
  (version 5 or later). dm-crypt support is mostly feature-complete.

o partman-auto-crypto

  I created a partman-auto-crypto package in my personal dir
  (d-i/people/alphix-guest). The basic functionality seems to work - it
  creates a /boot partition, a swap partition and one large encrypted
  partition which in turn holds a LVM PV which is used for the rest of the
  partitions (root and possibly /home depending on the recipe).
  The benefit of using LVM on crypto is that a single password needs
  to be input during boot to access all partitions (instead of one
  password per partition).

  Looking at the TODO list, partman-auto-crypto needs better integration
  with partman-auto-lvm and partman-crypto. Most importantly, shared parts
  need to be split out into shared scripts rather than duplicated, this will
  also remove confusing and/or irrelevant prompts that are currently

  I'll work on this some more in a few days, I believe I will be able to get
  it to the stage where it could be moved to trunk during next week. It
  relies on the newer partman-crypto though but it will have to go through
  the NEW queue as well so partman-crypto should already be in unstable
  once that's done.

  Apart from the duplicated code, the major blocker right now is that
  partman-auto-lvm creates the swap partition outside of the lvm which
  partman-crypto refuses to allow (as keys and sensitive data could be
  writted to en unencrypted swap partition which would defeat the purpose
  of the encryption).

  I'll initiate a discussion on debian-devel, debian-kernel and with
  yaird/initramfs-tools maintainers next week to see if it would be possible
  to change partman-auto-lvm to create the swap partition as a LVM LV.

  An alternative solution would of course be to create specific recipies for
  partman-auto-crypto, but I'd like to avoid it if possible since they would
  be copies of partman-auto-lvm with the exception of the swap partition.

o cryptsetup-udeb

  cryptsetup-udeb 2:1.0.3-2 which contains important fixes for LVM/crypto
  combinations has migrated to testing. Some more fixes are probably
  necessary for root-on-crypto-on-lvm (as opposed to root-on-lvm-on-crypto
  which works), they should be present in the next version of
  cryptsetup-udeb (unreleased).

o partman-lvm

  the recent upload (version 38) should fix the bugs introduced by the
  rewrite and integration of the lvmcfg functionality which broke
  partman-auto-lvm and introduced some formatting bugs.

  Together with the new lvm2-udeb (2.02.06-2), this should restore both
  partman-lvm and partman-auto-lvm to working order.

o documentation

  still needs to be written for partman-crypto, partman-auto-crypto and
  cryptsetup initramfs hooks. It's possible that it also needs to be
  updated to account for the changes to partman-auto-lvm and partman-lvm.

o device locking

  as discussed on debian-boot a week ago or so, I've committed a patch
  which adds the ability to "lock" partitions or devices (that are in use
  for some other system, e.g. as a lvm PV or an encrypted device). The
  functionality is there and integrated with partman-lvm and partman-crypto
  but there might be other packages which might benefit from it (e.g.
  RAID devices).


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