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Re: Recent changes to partman-lvm debconf templates: need clarification

Oh...it's time for the translator-cluebat again :)

On Fri, June 9, 2006 7:01, Christian Perrier said:
> Template: partman-lvm/text/in_use
> Type: text
> # What is "in use" is a partition
> _Description: In use by LVM volume group ${VG}
> WHAT is "in use"?
> From what I also found as new templates in partman-base, I guess this
> is a partition...but I wonder whether this could also be a device.

LVM can use either a partition or a device as a physical volume, but
partman currently only supports partitions, so you are correct.

> If it can be both, then I'm afraid that we need to use TWO different
> texts because gender of the two words can be different. For instance
> in French:
> PS: simultaneous changes to partman-base would have needed a small
> review. The short description does not fit our current writing style
> guidelines (we don't make sentences in short descriptions for note and
> error templates).

I did send the patch to debian-boot for review first. In the future, would
you like me to CC debian-i18n for review before commiting any changes that
touch templates?

My apologies if I caused you unnecessary work...


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