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Re: [D-I] New strings in partman-lvm: WAIT before translating! I need explanations by maintainers.

>> Please choose a volume group to reduce:
>>  mainvg        (825MB - 2 PVs)
>>  secondvg      (912MB - 4 PVs)
> ...
> However, I suggest removing the "s", for two reasons:
> ...
> So, we'd better use "PV" alone, and explain translators that they
> should use the acronym for "Physical Volume" in their language (e.g. I
> would use "VP" for "Volume Physique", for French).)

Sure, change it

>> Please choose a logical volume to delete:
>>  rootlv       (825MB - in VG mainvg)
>>  swaplv       (412MB - in VG secondvg)
> ...
> I suggest you use a variable for the volume group name and make this
> translatable:
> "in VG ${VG}"

Ok, do you want to do the change or should I?

>> >Untranslatable "Choices".
>> The choices are in the partman-lvm/menu/* templates, they should be
>> translatable?
> Yes, they are, but the variable shouldn't be translatable itself.

Ah, I see, will you fix that as well when you do the other template changes?

> You use "asterisks":
> ...
> In other place, and more generally in debconf templates, I recommend
> hyphens:
> ...
> Indeed, here, as we may have size constraints, I even recomment not
> using any bullets at all. Which is what I commited.

Ok, in that case you might also want to look at the screen which shows the
detailed description of the current LVM config to make sure that it
matches general d-i practice (I do not have access to partman-lvm sources
right now but its one of the first functions in lvm_tools.sh,
lvm_get_config() or something like that).

> ...
> Given that this summary is not exactly an enumeration, I prefer we
> just hard-format it...without bullets.

Ok, thanks for the feedback.


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