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Re: [RECAP] Can libdebian-installer be unblocked from entering testing?

On Sun, May 28, 2006 at 01:11:40PM -0400, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
> >Unblocking libdebian-installer 0.97 might cause problems due to this 
> >change:

> > * archdetect: Rename sb1-swarm-bn to sb1-bcm91250a for consistency.

> Then Martin Michlmayr clarified (at least for me) that the problem was 
> risking to break a MIPS subarch getting 1 to 3 insts. on popcon for 
> beta2 installs.

> Bastian Blank replied to Martin's mail:

> >We will glue the libdi transition to the newt transition.

> I failed to get a clarification from him, but from an IRC discussion I 
> had with him the day before that post, I'm pretty sure he meant that an 
> upcoming libdi transition and the newt transition would be tied *if* 
> libdi doesn't transition to testing now.

> In summary, the only problem which is expected from unblocking libd-i is 
> to break beta2 installs on a rare subarch.

Based on this, I've gone ahead and added hints for libd-i, cdebconf, and
newt.  The newt/cdebconf hints won't have an effect for another 9 days, but
the libd-i hint should go through immediately.

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