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Re: [g-i] Graphical installer and PPC systems

On 5/25/06, Mike Emmel <mike.emmel@gmail.com> wrote:
I think a lot of the issues were actually 64 bit stuff thats recently been fixed
any chance you could try 25.1 ?

I doubt there was 64 bit stuff, iirc no G5 machine has been used for
those tests.

or a cvs build just to see.

That's why I asked Attilio the source package for gtk 2.8+patches...
in order to test a fully updated environment (of course, with new DFB

I believe the problems were down in the directfb layer so it would be
nice to know if its there or higher up in gdk/cairo. What we really
need is a commited developer with a PowerPC to trace this down thats
the main problem.

Although I have a PPC machine, now I don't have the time to do this;
If Sven can't do it, then I will try to make some time to see what's

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