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Re: kernel/d-i/security/release meeting at DebConf6

* Sven Luther (sven.luther@wanadoo.fr) [060524 06:33]:
> Well, as a proof of my claims, the sarge d-i released with a known remote
> security hole, and there has been no (or maybe 1 by now ?) d-i update since
> then.

You mean, a remote root exploitable hole? If so, which bug, and why
wasn't that information sent to debian-release? Or is it "just" a remote

> And again this time, d-i freeze is scheduled
> first week of august, and this means we need to have the kernels frozen a week
> or so before that. This is something like 5 month before the actual release
> date of etch.

You are ignoring that we have scheduled a time to update the kernel
again before release of etch.


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