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Bug#368633: partman: LVM automatic partitioning not undoable

On Tue, 2006-05-23 at 21:54 +0200, Geert Stappers wrote: 
> Please confirm that you mean 'MaY' (and not 'MaRch')
Sorry.  Timestamp from the wrong iso.  May 14 16:24 is the timestamp
from the one in question.

> Please tell us more about what you did.

I played around some in the disc, but the important step for
reproduction is simply to choose the LVM option in the guided
partitioning -- "Erase entire disk and use LVM" -- and you will be left
with, IIRC, /boot and an LVM partition (activated) that has some drives
in it.  The point is that it has already committed the changed partition
table and saved the LVM data into the space left for LVM.  Feel free to
try it, but I would advise doing so only on an emulated disc or on a
drive that has nothing important (or you have a backup of).

(Semi-)Detailed Walkthrough (I'm going along in qemu as I write this):
1: Get to partman (how you get there should be irrelevant)
2: In the guided partitioning, choose "Erase entire disk and use LVM"
3: Choose any of the partitioning schemes presented (I used seperate
home on my laptop, and have now confirmed all in one partition under
qemu -- I'm sure the many filesystem option will be similar)
4: Choose whatever name you want for the Volume Group
4a: Partition table is thrashed and LVM partition is activated and set
up (data being written even outside the partition table)
5: You can now confirm using fdisk that the partition table has been
changed to the new, LVM-equipped one.  Since the LVM partition was
activated and the VG set up, data in the partition(s) that were where it
now is may no longer exist.

> My default is to take the complain serious.
> But I make the addition that if have my doubts about it,
> so please tell how to reproduce the problem.

Done, but do be careful if you wish to follow the walkthrough.

> (right now is the original poster the one with the problem,
> when he can convince other that the problem concerns others
> then it more likely he will get help with "his problem")

Actually, my problem is done and gone.  I lost almost everything on my
laptop due primarilly to my own inattention.  I knew that LVM setup
in partman proper requires saving the partition table and should have
realized from this that the guided partitioning would have to play by
the same rules.  I just don't want anyone else in this situation.

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