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Bug#367402: Tyan S2865

The information in this bug report was based on an iso from


I wasted over two weeks trying to use the testing installers from that page. Right now people would be better served if the links for the AMD64 installer images on that page were removed.

The daily builds from this page seem to be built from some automated script - the files in the base directory of the iso image keep getting updated, but according to /etc/lsb-release they are not close to current.

Someone somewhere needs to realize that there needs to be a working line of AMD64 D-I releases available from debian.org - and the name of the ISO image needs to refer to a build date or rev number for the install reports to have meaning.

As it turns out - the AMD64 ISO at:


This 'mini.iso' let me install with out a problem - it still should have a rev number in the name.

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