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Bug#367499: installation-reports: Not recognize adaptec aic-9405w sas/sata controller

Excuse me if this is the wrong place to send the e-mail, but I don't see any place better of this.

As reported in the bug report, the last installer of Etch doesn't recognize the aic-9405w and so I wasn't able to see and format my scsi disk.

Then, I try to install a ubuntu-server in the machine from the last beta of dapper release. While I'm not able to see the scsi drive, i'm able to install the ubuntu in a pen stick and reboot from it. Then I install the last kernel (2.6.15-23) from ubuntu mirror and via modconf I load the scsi_mod, scsi_transport_sas, sd_mod, sg, aic94xx (yes, the driver of it come standard with the kernel 2.6.15 of ubuntu ...) and also sas_class.
I'm not sure if all of them are necessary, however with all of them I
was able to see the hard disk, partition it etc ...

Then i download the last initrd a vmlinuz from hd-media installer of etch (I need a debian installation, not ubuntu), and the netinst iso, point to it with the grub (in the pen stick) and then try to launch the last snapshot of the debian installer. While I see that the version of the kernel is 2.16, there is still not the aic94xx.ko driver in the kernel of the installer ... and so I'm not able to see the hd and partition it during the installation process of debian.

It seems that while in the kernel of ubuntu there is the driver of
aic94xx (adaptec release it as gpl), in that of debian there is not. Is not possible integrate the kernel used by debian with the driver supplied by ubuntu? I try to copy manually the aic94xx.ko in the list of driver used by the installer (/lib/modules/2.6.16-.../kernel/drivers/scsi) and the make a modprobe aic94xx before the survey of the hard disk but the installation of driver failed. Is there a mode to load at runtime the necessary driver, or use a custom kernel image (the one *.deb that I build from ubuntu linux-source and tried ... is ok) or whatever you want to install a debian in my scsi disk?

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Best regards


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