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Bug#367605: broken loop mount support

Joey Hess a écrit :
Package: busybox-floppy-udeb
Version: 1:1.1.2-1
Severity: important
Tags: d-i

# mount -o loop /mnt/tmp-initrd /initrd
mount: Couldn't setup loop device
mount: Mounting (null) on /initrd failed: No such file or directory

FWIW, this is on the d-i i386 boot floppy, I've checked that the loop
module is loaded, that the file exists, and that /dev/loop/[0-7] exist.

if usb is forever excluded in boot floppy, we can now set initrd in root floppy as a cpio archive, and use the busybox cpio command.

the consequence is:
- we do not need loop device (and udeb) because it does not mount initrd
=> free space in boot floppy
- it does not copy the initrd contents in mnt
=> we reduce a lot the memory size

i did a patch a long time ago, but i will try to find it


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