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Re: Some graphical installer feedback

On 5/19/06, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:
> - The logo banner at the top seems somehow off-balance, but I'm not
> sure how. What if we used the same font for the words "GNU/Linux" as we
> use in the Debian logo?

Not completely sure. We'll try to check that.

I think there were some non-freeness issues around that font.

> - Perhaps the progress bar in "Configuring the network" could be
> colored instead of almost the exact same grey as the rest of the
> screen.

That will happen when we activate theming for the graphical installer.

Just to make things clear, that is planned to happen, but we don't
know yet when. The themes will also provide means to have colouring
fitted for people with sight disabilities.

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