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Some graphical installer feedback

Some bits of feedback about the g-i screenshots that were published on
the web recently:

- The installer looks far friendlier to newbies than the ncurses mode
  did. Keep up the good work!

- The logo banner at the top seems somehow off-balance, but I'm not sure
  how. What if we used the same font for the words "GNU/Linux" as we use
  in the Debian logo?

- Perhaps the progress bar in "Configuring the network" could be colored
  instead of almost the exact same grey as the rest of the screen.

- Wouldn't it be better if the step display at the top of the screen was
  numbered: "Step 1 of 20: Choose language, Step 2 of 20: Select a
  keyboard layout,", etc.?

Jason Spiro

Yoda of Borg are we. Futile is resistance, assimilated will you be.

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