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Bug#367402: Tyan S2865

On Monday 15 May 2006 19:45, Karl Schmidt wrote:
> Initial boot worked:    [E]
> Reboot:                 [E]

Why did you put "Error" everywhere? Most of the installation must have 
gone OK looking at your comments below.

> Comments/Problems:
> <I did a sarge install on jfs on software RAID1. This had not worked on
> earlier versions of the installer.

What do you mean exactly? Did jfs on RAID work with the Sarge installer or 
did it not? If not, _what_ did not work.

> Will run memtest and try to zero the supper blocks and start over.

Sounds like a good option. If that fails too, could you please also try 
with ext3? That will help narrow it down to either the RAID setup of the 
jfs filesystem.

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