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Re: [LONG] ppp-udeb: A succesful installation using it, some ideas and some requests for advices

eddy.petrisor@gmail.com wrote:

>c) what should be done for systems with multiple network cards?
Probe all of them.

>The way I am thinking the PPPoE configuration should be done/integrated in d-i:
> - if dhcp fails, try the detection of concentrators (implies running
>ifconfig ethX up)
No. DHCP and PPPoE support are not related.

> - if concentrator detection fails, drop to manual configuration
If no concentrator is detected then the interface does not support
PPPoE and there is no need or reason to configure anything.

>The pppoe and dhcp protocols are orthogonal, so if one configuration
>succedes on a card, there is no way the other will. So the question
This is totally wrong. PPPoE and DHCP *are* indeed orthogonal, and this
mean that they are compatible and can be used at the same time.
DHCP will provide the eth0 IP address and PPPoE the ppp0 interface.

>is, when should the PPPoE configuration be attempted? It seems logical
After DHCP.

>directed to static configuration. I am not sure if there are cases in
>which the concentrator is not detected, but I fear that in the case in

>Once the configuration is made for one card, should it be attempted
>for others, too? This is a little bit difficult and I fear there are

>In case the PPPoE connection fails, should the user be given the
>chance to configure the card as static? Note that if the concentrator
These things are not related.

>There is small issue, if the concentrator is searched on a card, then
>the card in question must be "ifconfig CARD up" with no IP, should
>this be restored if the concentrator is not found? Would it affect the
Wrong, the ethernet card should get a proper IP address. Network
interfaces used for PPPoE do not need any special configuration.

>How can the configuration information be copied to the target system
>after the system is installed?
The udev script already does this.


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