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Re: Proposal for integration of the graphical installer

On Saturday 13 May 2006 23:23, Frans Pop wrote:
> Yesterday Joey and I discussed the integration of the graphical
> installer into the regular build system, and the result is below for
> wider discussion and comments.

Yesterday Joey and I managed to do the integration for i386.
This means that we already have an official daily gtk-miniiso available 
from the "other images" link on the d-i project page:

The latest hd-media image also includes g-i.

CD images that include the graphical installer should be available after 
the next CD build, but may still need changes to get them working.

As soon as we've things tested for i386, I'll also do amd64 which should 
take only very little time as a lot of the configuration is shared with 
i386. As the daily builds for amd64 are down currently due to the archive 
integration, images will probably not be available for a while yet.

I will also take a look at powerpc, integrate things as far as possible 
based on Sven's work and ask Colin to check the changes and fix where 

Note that the implementation is a bit different from the setup in my 
branch. The setup in trunk is more hierarchical and makes better use of 
the existing configs for regular images, especially for the pkg-list 


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