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Re: Debian Installer team monthly meeting minutes (20060429 meeting)

On Saturday 13 May 2006 14:12, Christian Perrier wrote:
> etch_d-i daily builds use udebs from testing
> sid_d-i daily builds use udebs from sid
> during development phases , what is called "daily builds" are
> sid_d-i. They are switched to etch_d-i in freeze phases.
> *Both default to install testing* so that means that everything that's
> fetched from the network is fetched by default in testing.

Where "everything" refers to _regular_ packages (debs), not the udebs that 
may be downloaded during the "load installer components" stage of 
installation. For the daily (sid_d-i) builds those will be taken from 
unstable as well.

Also, for the daily netinst image, all _udebs_ will be from unstable while 
all _debs_ are from testing.

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