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Re: Re: Re: Re: Etch/Sid not installable

> Based on your log files, you're doing an install using the hd-media
> images, and the iso on your drive is:

> May  8 11:07:26 base-installer: Found label 'Debian GNU/Linux testing
> _Etch_ - Official Snapshot i386 Binary-1 (20060314)'

Yes. Actually I tried almost all of the CD images available for download on Debian mirrors since Sarge.. 

> Which should be the cd from the last beta release, which certianly does
> have grub on it. Yuou cold verify this by mounting the iso on another
> machine though.

Yes I did. I does have the grub package, sure. I can't guess why d-i doesn't see it..

> I'm also seeing some evidence in the logs that your machine is failing
> to read from at least some of its drives, mostly sda2. This could be
> causing the problem.

Oh, that's the first disk of my 3-disks RAID5 array. It's not a broblem if it is noring the it seen dunstall.. I'm not installing to that one..


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