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Bug#366715: installation-report: Installer gets stuck if it can't access security.debian.org

John Winters wrote:
> > 
> > > 1) Ask before attempting to get security updates.  (Obviously default to
> > > yes).
> > 
> > There's no good reason to ask.
> Well, no - clearly there is a good reason to ask.
> >  If the machine is network connected it
> > should make every possible effort to use security updates,
> True, and by failing to ask it is not making every possible effort to
> use them.

No, you're conflating asking whether to use security updates, with
asking where to get them from.

> > If you really want to disable it, you can preseed
> > apt-setup/security_host to an empty string, as documented in the
> > installation manual.
> Where?  I've read all the apparently relevant chunks of the installation
> manual but can find nothing like that documented in it.

It's in the appendix on preseeding.

> Clearly you have little experience of real-world networks.  This is just
> the sort of problem which a non-admin on a Windows network has to deal
> with on a daily basis.
> If you have administrator access it's easy, but if not it's hard to
> impossible.  Yes, the particular network on which I was trying to do it
> is badly set up, but the problem is equally the fault of bad defaults in
> the Debian installer.  Just saying, "It's the other components fault -
> fix that" is the worst form of buck-passing.
> Sorry to be short, but it's been a long and hard day and you need to
> realise that a response like yours does the Debian project (which I
> greatly admire) absolutely no favours.

Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, and I wish you luck in getting a
better response from someone else. Although, you need to realize that
with the above attitude, you're unlikely to.

see shy jo, ta

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