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Bug#365747: Add crypto nodes as well

Something like the attached patch should suffice. Is it acceptable?

Index: debian/postinst
--- debian/postinst	(revision 37157)
+++ debian/postinst	(working copy)
@@ -330,6 +330,8 @@
 			major=$(grep "[0-9] misc$" /proc/devices | sed 's/[ ]\+misc//')
 			minor=$(grep "[0-9] device-mapper$" /proc/misc | sed 's/[ ]\+device-mapper//')
 			mknod /target/dev/mapper/control c $major $minor
+			# We need the crypto devices also (if any)
+			cp -a /dev/mapper/crypt* /target/dev/mapper/ 2> /dev/null || true
 		if pvdisplay | grep -iq "physical volume ---"; then
 			apt-install lvm2

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