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Re: [g-i] Add the needed fonts for Khmer/Dzongkha/Thai to the fonts used to build g-i?

Hi Christian,

On Mon, Apr 17, 2006 at 06:54:38PM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Davide,
> Could you add the needed fonts for Khmer/Dzongkha and Thai to the set
> of fonts used by G-I.

it took me awhile but I just added the needed fonts for displaying Dzongkha
(ttf-dzongkha-udeb [0.2-2]) and Thai (ttf-thai-tlwg_0.4.4-3).
Khmer fonts were already used (ttf-khmeros_3.10-2).

g-i ATM is broken because of #366441 but as soon as that gets fixed all languages
should have the needed fonts.
I'm currently working on making ttf-dejavu the default fonts for g-i


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