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s390 update - partman requirements

Hi folks

I fixed the hardware configuration for s390 yesterday. It works flawless
now except that it needs some further indicators that it did something.
Now it is time to switch to partman as partconf is completely out of

This leads to a list of requirements in partman:
- Default disk label per disk type. DASD needs ibm disklabels,
  fiberchannel disks needs something else, mostly used is msdos.
- Support for non-default SCSI. It displays any different SCSI types as
  "SCSI... (...)" which is only appropriate for plain old SCSI but not
  for new types like libata, fiberchannel or iSCSI.
- Templates for dasd.
- Needs to use persistent device names. Is there some progress already
  or must I do that myself? s390 requires either /dev/disk/by-path
  (usable both for booting and in fstab) or /dev/disk/by-{id,uuid} (only
  appropritate in fstab).
- Must save exact informations about the root device or any device which
  is needed for them if it is LVM/MD. s390 don't have device
  autoconfiguration and therefor must know, which device it needs to be
  configured to get the root.


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