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Re: debian installer and automatic partition option

El Jueves 27 Abril 2006 18:49, Joey Hess escribió:
> Where did you download this installation CD? It's broken; don't select
> that "Particionar Automáticamente" menu item[1].
Thanks, Joey. I fortunatelly didn't select that option... ;-)

I don't remember where I downloaded this installacion DVD from... I think that 
I probably used a official mirror but... I don't know.

> Have you tried downloading a
> current CD image from <http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer>?

Yes, I have downloaded this image and now all is working fine, I have 
partitioned my hard disk manually (as I usually did).

Thanks for your help. I only wanted to help to the community but I didn't know 
if the problem was my problem (I was doing anything badly) or it was a 
installer problem.

Best regards.

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