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Bug#266691: Re: Re: Bug#266691: Is Italian USB keyboard now working with the etch installer for PowerPC?

On Sun, Apr 30, 2006 at 07:44:48AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> G.Ridolfi wrote:
> > 
> > How can an ibook-user choose this keymap?
> > I tried a "normal" i.e. "not-expert" installation
> > and I was not able to choose or load the "/i386/qwerty/it.kmap.gz"
> > Is there an option of the installer that
> > allows users to find a keymap among _all_ the possible choiches
> > they have?
> I don't think that this problem is restricted to users of italian
> environments.
> Things have changed recently when it comes at keyboard chooser for PPC
> users, IIRC. Are you able to test with a recent image of the
> installer?

I tried the netinst cd of the 6 May 2006.
a) :-)    The keymap selected with the italian language was a "qwerty"  
b) :-(((( however it did not allow to write accented letters, 
        neither at or numbersign 
Since @ is S-2 I think that the layout is the us one.

c) :-(( I've not been able to load the right keymap:/usr/share/keymap/i386/qwerty/it.kmap.gz
  both in "install" mode and in "expert mode".
  When I tried to choose the keymap the only 'option'
- well it wasn't really an option since the user was forced to accept the
  installer choice :-/
 was to *keep* the kernel keyboard.

Can a user select the keymap from a list of available layouts?


Giovanni Ridolfi, Chemist

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