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Re: installing from a Compact Flash IDE using the USB stick receipe

Martin-Éric Racine wrote:
> 1) every time I write the ready-to-use boot.img.gz to /dev/sda1, the
> 512Mb media ends up showing as a 128Mb media afterwards.

Well, it's a 128 MB FAT filesystem with syslinux installed as the boot
loader, so that's not suprising.

> 2) the device cannot seem to find the boot sector of the media.

.. Or this, if your device doesn't support booting from syslinux or
does't like the particular layout of that image.

I suggest that you try copying the individual d-i kernel and initrd
files over from to a known-bootable CF card, and do whatever you need to
do to get a working boot loader on it.

This is the method I use for all my pcmcia-based installs. I generally
use the netboot initrd, but the hd-media initrd should also work if you
want to put an iso file on the CF card and use that.

Note that I've had some bad experiences with repartitioning CF cards
resulting in them not booting on my hardware. Factory fresh cards boot
ok. YMMV.

see shy jo

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