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Bug#365203: rootskel: Please support the ppc64 architecture

On 06-May-02 20:01, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Monday 01 May 2006 08:52, Andreas Jochens wrote:
> Adding the extra files under installer/build is no real issue. Any changes 
> in tools or the Makefile needed?

Adding the extra ppc64 specific files should be sufficient.

> > I had to set up the network manually to get around a problem with the
> > automatic DHCP setup and there is also a problem with the partition
> > detection.
> Does (lib)parted already work for you or could the partitioning problems 
> have their base there?

parted seems to work. I am not yet sure what the actual problem is. A 
small patch to partman-base will probably be necessary, but this will 
fix only a part of the partitioning problem.

> I'd appreciate it if you could try to get this working first, so we have 
> an overview of the full set of patches and know that it will actually 
> result in working installations.

I will work on this. Currently I still have to use quite a few ugly 
tricks to convince the installer to install the ppc64 port.

I am not sure how much work it will be to make a really smooth d-i 
installation of the ppc64 port possible. But I am quite confident that 
it can be done and that the amount of actual changes to the d-i sources 
will be small.

> Until that time I think working in a branch would be best. It's up to you 
> if you want to do that in a local checkout, but I suppose it could also 
> do no harm to get you d-i commit access so you can set up a dir under 
> people/ for that.

A local checkout or a dir under people would both be fine. I will
work in any way that is considered convenient by the d-i team. 

It will just be good to know that the ppc64 related changes are 
generally welcome and have a chance to be included in the main d-i 
sources at some point.

> We could decide on integration after that. We would certainly need your 
> firm commitment to maintain the port though.

Of course, I will commit myself to maintain the d-i ppc64 port.

Andreas Jochens

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