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Bug#365203: rootskel: Please support the ppc64 architecture

On Monday 01 May 2006 08:52, Andreas Jochens wrote:
> The 'debian-installer' patch which I am currently using to build and 
> test d-i on ppc64 is 96 lines long. It basically reuses the config
> files from the existing powerpc/powerpc64 case by directly including
> them. 

Adding the extra files under installer/build is no real issue. Any changes 
in tools or the Makefile needed?

> I have built a version of d-i for ppc64 which includes a mini.iso.
> That mini.iso boots fine on my ppc64 machine and the installation
> process starts and works up to a point.
> I had to set up the network manually to get around a problem with the
> automatic DHCP setup and there is also a problem with the partition
> detection.

Does (lib)parted already work for you or could the partitioning problems 
have their base there?

I'd appreciate it if you could try to get this working first, so we have 
an overview of the full set of patches and know that it will actually 
result in working installations.

Until that time I think working in a branch would be best. It's up to you 
if you want to do that in a local checkout, but I suppose it could also 
do no harm to get you d-i commit access so you can set up a dir under 
people/ for that.

We could decide on integration after that. We would certainly need your 
firm commitment to maintain the port though.


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