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Re: Some comments on partman-crypto templates

> >   Different algorithms exist to derive the IV (Initialization vector)
> >   for each sector. This choice is consequential for the security of the
> >   encryption and there is usually no reason to change this from the
> >   recommended default, except for compatibility with older systems.
> s/Initialization vector/initialization vector/ (or both capitalized)
> s/is consequential for/influences/
> s/ and there is usually/. Normally there is/
> >   The encryption key is derived from the passphrase by applying a
> >   one-way hash function to it. There is usually no reason to change
> >   this from the recommended default and doing so in the wrong way
> >   can lead to lower-security encryption.
> s/There is usually/Normally there is/
> s/lead to lower-security encryption/reduce the security of the encryption/

I commited both additionnal paragraph, including Geert's suggestion

My only change has been using "the encryption security" instead of
"the security of the encryption" and "the encryption strength" instead
of "the strength of the encryption".

This seems better to me but I'm often wrong. maybe use "the
encryption's security", by the way


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