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Re: debconf hangs during sarge/etch install

On Mon, May  1, 2006 at 13:57:31 +0200 (+0200), Frans Pop wrote:
> On Monday 01 May 2006 13:20, Adrian Bridgett wrote:
> > preseed/late_command is set to:
> > wget $(debconf-get preseed/url).combined -O /target/tmp/combined;
> > chroot /target sh -x /tmp/combined > /target/var/log/combined.log 2>&1
> Try setting preseed/late_command to "apt-install ssh" instead.

That's worked great :-)  The late_command I have does a bit
more stuff (removes some packages I don't want - e.g ppp*, sets

I've spent hours trying different things and failing - many, many
thanks!  Time to restructure my scripts now...


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