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Re: The powerpc port should be removed from etch release candidates ...

Can we all just get along please?

Everyone please just take a big bite of humble pie, step back
and realize that everyone wants the same thing - ie a good debian
operating system!

People will cross people, but lets all be grown ups and forgive
people their weaknesses looking forward to their valuable contributions
and opinions! (and taking the ones we dont like as a grain of salt, water rolling off a ducks back and all that.)


Sven Luther wrote:
On Mon, May 01, 2006 at 02:20:09AM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
On Thursday 27 April 2006 13:39, Sven Luther wrote:
maintainer, and removed my d-i commit rights, there is no way for me to
I revoked your commit rights immediately after your resignation from the team because I felt (and I still do) that things had deteriorated so much that the d-i team was better of without any involvement from you.

IT has deteriorated so, but i am not the only cause for this. You personally
are partly responsable of it also, and believe me, being scheduled for
expulsion like i was, and the posts of you and joey on that issue, where not

Also, I did not want any interference in the work of (the) new powerpc porter(s). The fact that you attempted to fix the cd building breakage without first consulting is proof that that was not unjustified.

What porters ? You mean Colin Watson ? Or is there someone else ?

Please tell me exactly what harm i would have done by fixing this issue. It
was logical for me to fix it, it would not even have been noticed by you or
anyone else, only an installation report, followed by a commit, followed by a
mention that it now works to the installation report bug number.

What do you want instead ? That i bugger Colin to fix the issue, while we all
know he is busy ? That i send a patch to the BTS, then come begging to
debian-boot that it be fixed ? This would cause much more mailing list
traffic, and much more risk of annoying you, so sorry, but your removal of the
commit rights was ill-thought.

I also reproach you something with regard to this, i have not said i will
never again participate in d-i, and given my situation back then, and the
private mail i sent to you on that evening when my mother almost died, i think
that acting in this times shows a severe lack of decency.

The reason that I did not inform you was because things were already very heated at the moment and because you were at that time still very concerned about the welfare of your mother. I thought it was better not to add to that.

And what have you gained ? What did you expect would happen once i noticed ?
Especially once i noticed when you started indirectly accusing me of the
breakage again (your 'its the kernels fault' is nothing but an indirect
accusation, you know that ? You have been doing this since some time now).

However, a short discussion after the d-i IRC meeting yesterday and some comments from others have made me see that I *should* have informed you, whatever the circumstances. So, I hereby apologize for not sending you a mail to inform you that I had revoked your commit rights.

Apologizes accepted, but this is not enough. You (probably plural you, since
you did so in a private way, i have no idea who is involved) have decided to
abuse your position, and to punish me for being anoying on the mailing lists,
but does d-i belong to your small cabal, or to debian in general and all those
who participated in particular ? Including me ?
So, this is a first step, but i need more. I need :

  - the commit access being restored.

  - an apology for the lack of decency this action shows.

  - apologies for continual bashing would be nice, but more important you
    refraining from doing so in the future. When i post, avoid saying things
    like 'its the kernels fault' or otherwise indirectly pointing the finger
back to me.
On my side, i will follow my one-post-per-thread policy, which i have mostly
been doing since the last two month, with only two backslides, and those two
backslides where always triggered by you being bashful, so i have good faith
that if you change a bit your behaviour, and my personal distress situation
calmiong down, that this will no more be a problem in the future.

But you have to live by the fact that i also have an opinion, and that i will
post things in the future which may annoy you, and it is not correct to expect
me not to do such posts.

So, the ball is in your camp, can you now stop this childish rejection of me,
come to your sense, and that we continue working again ? I may have hit your
feelings, and said things that you took badly, and for this i apologize, but
you (and others) have done no less.

Sven Luther

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