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Re: The powerpc port should be removed from etch release candidates ...

On Thu, Apr 27, 2006 at 07:59:17AM -0400, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> Sven Luther wrote:
> >
> >The debian installer netinst and businesscard images are now broken since
> >almost a month, and since the d-i team kicked me out as powerpc maintainer,
> >and removed my d-i commit rights, there is no way for me to help fix this, 
> >and
> >this clearly demostrates that the d-i powerpc port is not maintained 
> >anymore.
> >
> Perhaps my experience has been different, but I have noticed that when I 
> don't have commit privileges to a particular repo or part of the project 
> that submitting a patch to the responsible individual(s) usually yields 
> results.  Though, I am not (yet) a DD, which may explain why am 
> accustomed to working without the ability to directly commit.

This only works if there is someone responsible enough and with time to do the
job on the other side. This is not the case, and it is has been my experience
in the past month, that if i did not fix these issues myself, nobody would

> I am not trying to make a personal attack here.  I am simply saying that 
> "I don't have write access" is a relatively lame excuse.  If everyone 

No, i am saying "write access was taken away from me without informing me or a
valid reason". I am saying that they claimed here they had replacement powerpc
porters when they kicked me, and now we see this was a blatant lie, and the
powerpc port ended up in dissaray.

> went by that mantra, there would be no DD-wannabees and the project 
> would likely not have as many people going through the process of 
> becoming DDs.

I have been a DD since longer than a big part of the d-i team, i have been
working on powerpc support for d-i since around 3 years now. I know damn well
what the powerpc d-i port would look like if i had not been there to do the
job, and since they kicked me out, i damn well know what the future yields.


Sven Luther

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