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[D-I] Preparing for update in stable

Now that 3.1r2 is out and we've got kernel updates with ABI change 
scheduled for r3, it's time to start thinking about updating the 
installer for stable.

Here's a proposal how to deal with this. If there are any weak points in 
the plan, feel free to shoot holes in it.

The main thing that need to be done is rebuilding the installer images 
using the new kernel udebs. This is somewhat of a challenge though as a) 
it has never been done before, and b) it means building the images using 
udebs from s-p-u.
Besides that a new version of base-installer is needed because that has 
the ABI hardcoded for kernel installation on alpha.

Note that releasing a new d-i with ABI updates will break some existing 
installation images: netboot, floppy (net-drivers), s/390 images. All 
CD-based installations should still work, except for alpha businesscard.
This will need to be mentioned in the release announcement.

The rough plan is to first test that building using udebs from s-p-u works 
for i386, then upload updated kernel udebs for other arches, then upload 
d-i for an official build.

In more detail:
1) Upload new i386 kernel udebs for both 2.4 and 2.6 to s-p-u (I've
   already prepared a set)
2) Get these acked by SRM so they actually show up in s-p-u; s-p-u already
   has debian-installer sections, I'm not sure if the acceptance queue
   and approval stuff supports udebs though (aj?)
3) Try a local build of d-i using a sources.list that has both stable and
   s-p-u in it [1].
4) If this works, poke^Wask porters to upload updated kernels udebs for
   their arches.
5) Upload new base-installer.
6) Get those uploads acked by SRM.
7) Upload d-i and let the buildds do their stuff.

[1] This should just work as d-i just uses apt to fetch udebs when 
building images. There are two options:
- hack the Makefile to generate a "sources.list.udeb" that contains both
  stable and s-p-u
- add a "sources.list.udeb.local" in the upload to override the default
  denerated sources.list.udeb and have that contain the two source lines
I'm inclined to use the second option and just put a well-known good 
mirror like ftp.nl.d.o in there.
This also means that this is independent of the buildds themselves to have 
s-p-u in their sources lists, which elmo raised as a possible issue on 
IRC yesterday.

The main problem is going to be testing the new images as it will not be 
possible to run an installation and download kernel udebs from s-p-u and 
other udebs from stable.
So, we'll either just have to just release and test images immediately 
after (together with testing CDs), or 

While researching this I noticed that there are two udebs (for preseeding) 
currently in s-p-u that were originally uploaded to t-p-u, These were 
intended for the original Sarge release, but somehow never made it. They 
should probably be included in 3.1r3 too.


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