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Re: selfmade debian-cd is unable to mount root fs on "unknown-block (1,0)"

On Tuesday 18 April 2006 10:54, Sven Schumacher wrote:
> That's in fact my problem. I tried to build my own netinst-iso
> including the needed module for the Highpoint 1820 RAID-Controller.
> I never reached the state, installing Debian to that machine.
> I'm compiling the kernel for my own netinst.iso on another 64bit-Intel
> Xeon-Machine.

The best advice I can give is to not start from scratch creating your own 
kernel, but base it on the kernel d-i uses and only make the changes you 
need. The configs used for d-i are the same as those used in the 
corresponding official Debian kernels, so you can use the 
file /boot/config-... from the correct kernel-image package as a base.

How to create kernel udebs and build the installer from that is documented 
in [1], which is linked from the "Additional links" page of our wiki [2].

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