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Bug#361695: kernel-wedge: serial-modules is missing USB serial modules

Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Ah, yes, sorry, this list probably needs some cleaning up indeed :)
> Here is a maybe more reasonnable list:
> belkin_sa ?
> whiteheat ?
> digi_acceleport ?
> cp2101 ?
> ftdi_sio ?
> mct_u232 ?
> pl2303 ?

These look ok.

> ir-usb ?

Only useful if you have an infrared connection and cannot run a proper
irda stack on both ends, so I don't think we need it.

> safe_serial ?

I can't tell from the description if this supports some wacky hardware,
or just tries to be a more robust standard serial driver. Either way it
doesn't look very likely.

> These looked really like generic usb to rs232 converters, so having them
> in d-i is useful for installing debian over a serial port, for instance.

Ok, will you want the new usb-serial-modules package built for the stock
2.6 (and 2.4?) i386 and amd64 kernels?

see shy jo

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