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Bug#360699: installation-reports: Installation on Sun Netra X1

On Tue, Apr 04, 2006 at 01:13:12PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> Thanks for your extensive, well researched and well written report

The merit is not mine, I translated (and edited) the report from a co-worker

> That said, this won't be fixed for Sarge anymore and the installer for 
> Etch no longer uses discover for hardware detection, but udev. I'd be 
> interested to know how the Etch Beta 2 release deals with this NIC.

I don't know if I can get my co-worker to try that one. I'll mention it and
see if that's possible but I don't believe they can do that right now.

> Unless you can reprocuce the problem on a new install, I don't see any 
> real possibility of tracing this. I don't see much point in reassigning 
> this to silo-installer to be honest. Let's hope it may prove useful 
> sometime having this in the archive...

Agreed. I'm not sure if that might be a hardware issue even...

> > If the system is hard-reset (soft-reset won't do) then it is able to
> > reboot properly and load the Linux kernel.
> Could this be related to the silo problem somehow?

Might be.

> I think I do remember earlier mails or reports that talked about needing a 
> power off before rebooting into the installed system.

It could still be a hardware problem. It doesn't seem to happen in another
system that is being installed with the same image version.



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