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Bug#360613: debian-31r0a-amd64- installation-report reportbug

You don't say what version of the installer you used. This is fairly 
essential information!
I'll answer assuming you used either the Etch Beta 2 release or a daily 

On Monday 03 April 2006 17:43, Alexander Winkler wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> The problem is the installation of the bootloader, it doesn't matter
> whether to try with grub or lilo.

This probably is because grub does not like something about your partition 
setup which the default options used by the installer cannot deal with.

Your best option is to use the rescue option of the installer (not 
available in the Sarge version) and start a shell in a chroot of your 
installed system (this is offered as a menu option).
You can then try to install grub manually (using grub-install) from the 
command line. The error messages you may get then should give some 
additional information.

This website may help you: http://www.uruk.org/orig-grub/


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