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Bug#360394: Fwd: Bug#360394: Debian Installation BUG version ETCH for AMD64/EM64T (TEMPLATE FILLED)

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Subject: Re: Bug#360394: Debian Installation BUG version ETCH for 
Date: Sunday 02 April 2006 05:04
From: Alisson Garcia <alissonsgarcia@yahoo.com>
To: Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl>

Hi friend. Thank you for you fast response.

I'm really sorry that I can't help you with everything you're asking.
I've just formated my DVD-RW with the image I used. Answering you 
1)  I've got the DVD image from bittorrent and If I remeber correctly it's 
the ISO that they release every week.
2)  As far as I know... the kernel was not loaded. The installer reads the 
DVD and crash with the info I sent you: INSTALLER KERNEL MISMATCH THE DVD 
KERNEL. So, I didn't do much stuff... What I did was pretty much to 
booted my PC, chose the language and the keyboard. Nothing else.
3)  The image was Debian etch for AMD64 (last week release). It was NOT 

I'll try, right now, the netinst of ETCH testing version (the one  that 
ISN'T released every week). If I get any bug I'll report you that.

I've also filled a template you guys ask to send with the BUG report, but 
I think you just red my first Email. I Don't know if that can still help 
you, but my PC config. is: Intel EM64T 3,06GHZ, 2 times 512 MB ddr2 
533mhz, asus p5gd2-x, Geforce 6800GS, SATA 200GB 7200rpm, LG 4167b.

I'm really sorry that I formated my DVD before getting an answer from you, 
but I didn't have any other DVD-RW to use. I'll also try to fill the 
template correctly with my nest bug report to help you as much as 

Anything else that I may help you don't hesitate to ask.
Alisson from brazil.

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