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Re: [g-i] freefont vs. dejavu

On 3/16/06, Davide Viti <zinosat@tiscali.it> wrote:
> > > this actually simplify things, given the number of languages which is
> > > covered by freefont. If we're using freefont also to display Cyrillic,
> > > Christian just needs to comment the following line from
> > > "FreeSans-strip":
> >
> > Hmm. Shouldn't we talk to ru, uk, be, sr, etc. translators before
> > switching to freefont for Cyrilic? IIRC they were the ones that asked us
> > to use Dejavu in the first place.
> yes, but we should also consider that the following glyphs are used by
> Cyrillic
> translations and are not in current (2.1-2) DejavuSans ttf files:
> <U04a2> 3 times in kk.po
> <U04a3> 1118 times in kk.po
> <U04ae> once in kk.po
> <U04af> 1059 times in kk.po
> <U04b0> once in kk.po
> <U04b1> 422 times in kk.po
> <U04d8> 5 times in kk.po
> <U04d9> 199 times in kk.po
> <U04e8> 15 times in kk.po
> <U04e9> 734 times in kk.po
> <U2116> 38 times in bg.ko

Maybe if we collaborate with deja-vu upstream and the other
BitstreamVera derivatives:

Maybe, just maybe, we'll have a decent font for cyrillic ;-)

[I know my ideas seem many times a little too far from reality, but we
have to have dreams, don't we?]

Another hint on font coverage:

> Well, considering that #349511 (new version [2.2] available) was filed
> 23 Jan 2006 which is almost two months ago I assume there's not much
> activity going on with the package.


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