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Re: Country names for Bengali

Christian Perrier wrote:

Quoting Jamil Ahmed (itsjamil@gmail.com):
After selecting the language: "Bengali - ?????" while using graphical D-I [1], the next screen shows a list of country names [2].

May I know why "India" is listed above "Bangladesh" for Bengali language?

Political conspiracy or.....alphabetical order? :-)

Alphabetical order. :-D

Sorting the country names in the short lists is done while building
localechooser (actually, this is what makes building localechooser so

It is done by the following code:

     LOCPATH=`pwd` LC_ALL=debian/locales/$lastlocale.UTF-8 sort -k 2.1 $outfile > $outfile.tmp && mv $outfile.tmp $outfile

In short, country names are sorted according to the given language's

So, what actually sorts India before Bengladesh is the bn_BD locale
collation rules:

From /usr/share/i18n/locales/bn_BD
title      "Bengali/Bangla language locale for Bangladesh"
source     "Ankur Group, http://www.ankurbangla.org, http://www.bengalinux.org";
address    "Dhaka, Bangladesh"
contact    "Taneem Ahmed, Jamil Ahmed"
% TODO: Bengali sorting should be added
copy "iso14651_t1"

Good luck for fixing this...if this needs fixing.

Can you please point me - which line made the problem?


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