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Bug#269972: Dealing with " should not display languages unavailable on floppy" bug on localechooser

retitle 269972 localechooser: should warn users that English is temporarily used on floppy installs
tags 269972 patch

In #2-9972, Euguenyi mentions that localechooser should not allow
users to choose languages that are not available on the floppy in
floppy installs.

This refers to old days where floppy installs were available with a
"cyrillic floppy" shipping only translations for cyrillic langs, a
"CJK floppy" for Chinese/Japanese/Korean and so on...

Indeed, even when choosing a language for which translations are not
available, it still made sense to offer it...as the translations
become available when D-I loads unstripped packages from a CD or the

Currently, floppies are completely stripped down: they have no more
translations...so the install runs in English until the user reaches
partman where translations are again available.

I hereby propose to show users a screen to warn them about this so
that they aren't surprised.

The attached patch adds a non translatable template to
localechooser. It "recognizes" floppy installs by testing for the
presence of floppy-retriever. Please suggest other methods if there
are some...


diff -Nru localechooser.ori/debian/localechooser.templates-in localechooser/debian/localechooser.templates-in
--- localechooser.ori/debian/localechooser.templates-in	2006-02-16 18:36:44.585776776 +0100
+++ localechooser/debian/localechooser.templates-in	2006-02-16 18:35:08.049452528 +0100
@@ -6,6 +6,26 @@
 # Example (french): Choisir la langue/Choose language
 _Description: Choose language
+Template: localechooser/floppy-install
+Type: note
+Description: Translations temporarily not available
+ Because you're running the installer from a floppy disk, translations
+ will not be available immediately.
+ .
+ The installation will continue in English until the installer
+ loads packages that include translations from a CD or the network.
+Template: languagechooser/language-name-ascii
+Type: select
+Choices: @languagenames_ascii@
+Choices-en.UTF-8: @nativemessages_ascii@
+Default: English
+Description: Choose a language:
+ Please choose the language used for the installation process. This
+ language will be the default language for the final system.
+ .
+ This list is restricted to languages that can currently be displayed.
 Template: languagechooser/language-name-ascii
 Type: select
 Choices: @languagenames_ascii@
diff -Nru localechooser.ori/localechooser localechooser/localechooser
--- localechooser.ori/localechooser	2006-02-16 18:36:44.675763096 +0100
+++ localechooser/localechooser	2006-02-16 18:36:34.253347544 +0100
@@ -263,6 +263,11 @@
+if [ -f /usr/lib/debian-installer/retriever/floppy-retriever ] ; then
+	db_input high localechooser/floppy-install || true
+	db_go || true
 db_set "debconf/language" "$LANGUAGELIST"
 log "Set debconf/language = '$LANGUAGELIST'"

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