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Re: About me, about Wormux

On 2/15/06, Jean Parpaillon <jean.parpaillon@free.fr> wrote:
> I recently packaged the game wormux. You can try it with :
> deb http://download.gna.org/wormux/debs [sarge|sid]/

> About the game itself, it is GPL and there is no known issues with
> original Worms from Team17, from whom the game is inspired. You can find
> more infos at http://www.wormux.org/.
> >From technical point of view, the game use SDL and libxml++, so it

> If anyone is interested in incorporating this game into Debian, I am

Maybe into the Debian Installer, too.
Can we bring in D-I a libxml++ udeb? Any reason not to?

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