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Re: Bug#254113: New version of ttf-freefont to test

Jan Willem Stumpel wrote:
> Josh Triplett wrote:
>>No spacing problems either with this version or with the current version
>>in Debian.
> Interesting .. I have spacing problems (line spacing, and, with Freemono
> when printed by means of Mozilla/xprint, also character spacing) both
> with this version and with the current version in Sid. But the November
> 2005 version (ttf-freefont_20051102-2_all.deb) is OK.
> How did you test it?

I just tested FreeMono in gnome-terminal.

> [IMHO the most reliable way to test the 'line spacing' issue is to use
> Openoffice 2.0; just select some text, and change the font between e.g.

Ouch; that does indeed show that the problem is still present in the new
version, as well as the version currently in Sid.  FreeSans and
FreeSerif both look doublespaced, and FreeMono has a little extra space
as well.

- Josh Triplett

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