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Re: [g-i] Indic scripts

On Tue, 2006-02-14 at 09:52 +0100, Davide Viti wrote:
> Hi Soumyadip,
> if you don't mind I'll bring the discussion to debian-boot so that
> other people can contribute

Also CC-ed to Debian-Indic.

> >
> > Efforts are underway to add proper Indic glyphs to the freefotns
> > family. The latest releases have Bengali and Hindi IIRC. If we can 
> use
> > it, there won't be any more fonts needed. If we can't, wel then I
> > suppose I'll have to make a udeb of the fonts required. And no, 
> apart
> > from freefont, no other font has more than one Indic language
> > support. :(

Well I'll confirm the latest status of Freefonts with Primoz Peterlin,
who was coordinating inclusion of Indic glyphs into Freefonts.
Personally speaking, I'd prefer the Freefonts approach as :

1. Lesser udebs means less things to break and smaller size installer
2. No chance for bickering over fonts :) 

> right: I have no problems using one font or another; looking at the
> wiki [1], I remember we already discussed about this a while back and,
> IIRC, we also gave a try to the CVS version of freefotts. This evening
> I can produce the same images using the latest snapshot and see what
> they look like. If freefont were not ready yet for Indic, would the
> fonts currently used be ok?

I'd like to see the results, especially after positive reviews from
other Indic L10N people about the work done for Bengali in Freefonts.
The present fonts are excellent as far as the display of conjuncts and
addressing other Indic language specific problems. However I'll need to
ask the Bengali and Punjabi teams for feedback on the aesthetic aspects.

Soumyadip Modak
Mobile : 94330 65971

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