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Several questions about tasks


 I've several problems ('questions') wit tasks:

 1st of all, I've added hungarian & hungarian-desktop (+ a wrong
bugreport, sorry), please add them 2 tasksel frontend.

 My problems with desktop task:

 1) I think, adding menu-xdg is also needed (for new GNOME, Xfce, etc.)

 2) Firefox. OK, but why only x-www-browser and not an email client?

    Can tasksel handle alternatives? :):

    Thunderbird, Sylpheed, Evo ??

 3) GIMP. Vector? OpenOffice & not Inkscape? OK, but if GIMP, I suggest
    gimp-gap (see aniMNG, animgif, etc.) & gimp-svg. Opinion?

 4) twm. hm. GIMP, Synaptic, OOo, FF are GTK2-based. I think, we can choose
    a simple GTK2-based WM. Xfwm? Metacity?

 5) xterm. I strongly suggest mrxvt-mini. Fast multiterminal!

 + GqView, GKSu, Mousepad, fortunes-min, Xscreensaver!!! (killer Linux
app) gdm-themes (also useful as wallpapers), grub-splashimages, BMPx ??

 Please, keep me in cc if answer! THX: sas-guest

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