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Bug#347479: Seems to not handle VG creation correctly

On Wednesday 08 February 2006 22:07, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Well, even though I'm not fond of new strings so late in the release
> process, I guess we can't avoid it (I wouldn't say so if this was a
> real final release with a hard string freeze).

I agree, but as:
- this is a new component
- it really improves error handling in a critical component (partitioning
  can easily destroy data after all)
- the templates are very unlikely to be shown anyway
- we are not really in a string freeze
I think we need to do this. We can wait a few days for translations, but 
IMO should _not_ press translators to update.

> Proposal:
> _Description: Existing physical volume in the selected device
>  LVM cannot automatically partition devices which already contain
>  one or more more physical volumes.

There is a big difference between "LVM cannot autopartion" and 
"Autopartitioning using LVM is not possible" though...

I'll think of something.

> > +Template: partman-auto-lvm/vg_exists
> > +Type: error
> > +_Description: Volume group name already in use
> > + The volume group name used to automatically partition using LVM is
> > + already in use. It is possible to specify an alternative name by
> > + running the installation at medium or low priority.
> Fine....even though I'm not fond of referring to another package which
> could cause consistency problems in the future if something is changed
> regarding priorities.

Hm? Which other package?
It's just that the question is not asked at high/critical priority with 
current code. Alternative of course would be to scratch that and, if 
there is a name conflict, always ask the user to enter an alternative 
name for the VG (i.e. at critical priority). I thought of doing that, but 
did not really want to change current functionality at this moment.

Thanks for your comments.

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